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Product Care

Please note, each piece is unique and individually hand-crafted with lots of care, love and attention.

Each product is elaborated with extreme attention to design and exclusively handmade, making the result unique in its characteristics. These products are made by the hands of professional artisans using very delicate materials and sensitive details that require care in handling. 

Others, are as well so delicate, that they need special attention from you, so here you can find some help to make your pieces timeless beautiful.

Our jewellery pieces are made in 925 Sterling Silver or Brass (gold-plated and silver plated), depending on the piece.We use different techniques, including ceramics and natural stones (precious and semi-precious gems) which, by their very nature may be subject to variations in color, tone, size and inclusions and there may be slight changes from piece to piece. The ceramics are shaped and fired in a high temperature oven and covered. These pieces should be very carefully managed once, by their very nature process is prone to cracking if they hit on a surface.  

Each one is hand-crafted and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured. You can minimize marks by avoiding contact with water, parfum and facial/body creams and should be carefully managed and stored. All the pieces are handmade, hand painted and hand applied so they need to be looked after with utmost care.

After using, store them in the properly bags.

Our tassels are made out from natural leathers, cotton or silk material, so they can transform over time with some color changes or markings. After using, store them in the properly bags.

They must be kept out of direct sunlight and in a dry place. Dust can accumulates on feathers. The best way to remove dust is to use a baby brush or a very soft tooth brush.

Storage is key! The material does tend to cling to different materials, so make sure to keep them well store.

Due to the nature of the material, the appearance can transform over time with slight color changes. To maintain the appearance of this material, be sure to store them properly and don’t forget to let it air dry if it gets wet.

Due to the wide range of ornaments that are present in our pieces, most of them very delicate, to maintain the original appearance be sure to store them well in your wardrobe so as not to damage the main Fabric and these beautiful details. 

NOTE: All the wearable pieces, must be very well clean (dry clean only) and packaged (in appropriate place). 

If you need any extra info of a specific product care please send us an email to

ella montcordova


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