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Ella Montcordova, was born from a dream of its creator and founder Rafaela Araújo during the period in which she lived and studied in Italy.

After completing her training in the complex world of fashion accessories in the beautiful Italian city of Florence, renowned masters recognized her great creativity and sensitivity, encouraging her to continue. Her keen aesthetic sense and the perception of the fashion accessory as a work of art made her launch a unique and timeless project.

The Ella Montcordova brand was born from the Land of the Medici, great patrons of art. It was born from the streets, the cloisters, the bell towers, the perfume of the city but above all the places she frequented and the women who passed by, studied by her almost obsessively.



Ella Montcordova is a title character and protagonist of Ella Montcordova’s novel “The Niece”.

Within the narrative of the story, Ella is a young and beautiful Italian. Intelligent, sensitive and loving, she becomes a whistleblower, bitter and vengeful seductress after learning of the corruption and crime to which members of her powerful family were linked.

When she is finally free and independent, her mission is to unveil and punish all those responsible for the crimes committed and free those who have endured years of suffering, including herself.

Ella Montcordova is known by the nicknames of “The Niece” or the “Shape of the Mysterious Woman”.



You only know ELLA MONTCORDOVA when you realize that the accessory is the essence of a woman

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